am i emotionally stable enough to watch truth or consequences 

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PSA ToC is on

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because I am up a tree

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Even though it’s washed away it’s forever in our hearts

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Up because all the family left this morning and the house was loud, naturally I turn on the TV and the aliyah arc is playing this morning. I know I shouldn’t but let’s be real what am I going to end up watching.

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Mikey are you alive

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Banging my head against a wall because choosing when to graduate, what is the proper grad school, which scholarships to apply for, and trying to find a new full time job that works with a full time student is utterly exhausting.

And on another note I am googling Boston for my NYE trip, enjoying a beer, and watching football avoiding doing my paper and outlines for my econ class. 

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You're an amazing man, and I love you with all of my heart. Always.

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