It used to be their weekly thursday evening.  Tony would come home from work to find dinner on the table and they would share a lovely dinner. Followed by dinner, they would do the dishes and then they would sit at the piano and play together. They played until their hearts were content, sometimes finding that they could play until the wee hours of the night. It was one of their favorite things to do as a couple, but 8 months ago things changed. The piano was closed, and the dust could be seen. Occasionally he would try and play, but daddy duties always came first.

The birth of their daughter changed their routines more than they imagined. Thursday nights were now family dinners and then a disney movie for Bella. Bella would watch and giggle with her parents, until she would fall asleep, then they would put her down and have some time together while finishing the movie. After cinderella the past couple weeks, Tony  was certain he could quote the entire movie line by line. 

It had been a long hard week for Tony. The kidnapping cases were always difficult, and now with Bella in his life it was even more personal. Tony was relieved this one particular thursday when Gibbs had let them go home early. 

Tony pulled into the house around 4:45. It was fall in DC, but the air was still warm enough in the middle of September to have the windows open. He walked up the stairs and through the window he heard the soft sounds of the piano. 

"I wonder what’s going on?" Tony whispered to himself. He opened the door, put his gun in the safe and ventured to the living room.

Once he was inside, he found Ziva holding their daughter who was lightly touching the keys. 

"It’s Thursday." Ziva said as Tony walked over and kissed her forehead.

"I can see that. Hi Princess!" Tony said as Bella gave her daddy a huge grin.

"I thought we could start showing her the piano." Ziva said. 

Tony just smiled and wrapped his arm around Ziva… Even though the Thursday night concerts at the DiNozzo’s might not sound like a mater-piece any more… the sounds of jumbled music and a giggling daughter were all the wonderful sounds he needed to hear. 

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